Monday, 8 March 2010

What a beautiful weekend. The daffs are almost out, the snowdrops are really a great show this year. One of our rescue fowl (a small bantam) has been bullied by the hens so we have moved her and on Sunday so that she wouldn't be lonely we bought three more bantams and a bantam cockrell, he's so handsome. They all laid today magic! We are thinking about all the work we need to do in the garden, it will be open for a weekend in July. More about that later.All the bird boxes are back in place and being inspected by prospective tennants. We're also keeping an eye out for the return of the frogs and toads

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Well at last the snowdrops are through. We have just finished cleaning all the bird boxes out and soaked them in jeyes fluid. They've been dried and put back up. By the way some of the birds are acting not a moment to soon!
We've been getting all the raised beds ready for planting and the hens are laying again, yippee.
I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday there was a Sparrow Hawk on the bird table it hadn,t caught a bird but as soon as I went for the camera it flew away

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

winter snows

The top picture was taken from our bedroom window one frosty night in December 2009
The middle one was taken of our two visitors that were staying over the Christmas period. Gareth played Prince charming at the Guild Hall
The last picture is of the garden during Christmas when we were snow bound. We lived in our own little world. It was lovely